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Access to industry leading custodians and investment managers

Our partnership with select custodians and TPA’s provides our advisors with the ability to manage their clients investments across multiple platforms. Our main goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships between the advisor, their client, and GVA401k.

LPL Financial

Unlike typical brokerage firms where financial advisors work as employees, LPL advisors operate as independent contractors. Their focus is on building and growing their practices while doing what is right for their clients.

Great Valley Advisor Group

A nationwide network of advisors that has worked in every sector of the financial services industry. Their breadth of knowledge and years of experience allows them to provide our customers with a diverse and expansive array of financial strategies. Great Valley Advisors is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and proven success.

Valor Asset Management

Valor is not a firm that serves the masses. They have built a credentialed team dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of a select clientele. Their clients’ time is valuable, and their needs have grown beyond generic advice and call center service. Valor is led by an exclusive team of investment specialist, who have earned some of the most recognized and valuable credentials in the industry.